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The example below shows the difference between private and free hosting.

Free Domain Name and Hosting

Private Domain Name and Hosting

Host: Tripod

Host: there are many, a popular one is 1 host which charges

Domain Name:


Domain Name:

fees: $12.50 and up/month for hosting

$70/2 years payable to InterNIC

web space: approximately 50 MB

web space: 10 MB and up

Disadvantages: Host usually places a banner/ad on the pages. The host name must appear in the domain name.

Disadvantages: costly is you are just starting out or only need a small site.

example: C J Web Design Website

example: Circle J Roll-Offs Inc.

Summary: great value to get up and running at a low cost.

Summary: A good investment if you are committed to using the web as a business resource. No ads or banners need to be there except for the design company.

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