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The key to success on the web is to use a knowledgeable design company.

C J Webdesign works hard to provide a stunning web presence at the best value!


The first step is to decide what type of domain and hosting you will need.

To have your own domain name and hosting, a separate fee applies. This fee is sent directly to InterNIC to register the name and to the hosting company which will provide the space for your pages.

All websites are eligible for free domain names and hosting, however, the domain name chosen must reflect the hosting service name. C J Webdesign is hosted free at Tripod. This was done to provide an example for smaller businesses of how you can have a great website and save money as well. If you are unsure of the differences between private and free domains, please visit our example page.

Next, you need to determine your design package.

The three basic packages below give you an idea of our prices. Customers are in no way limited to these options and customs packages can be set up according to your needs.

Package #1

Package #2

Package #3

Business Presence

Basic Web Site

Full Company Site




1-3 pages

8-10 pages

20-25 pages

4 graphics/scanned images

10 graphics/scanned images

15 graphics/scanned images

*registration with the top 5 search engines.

registration with the top 10 search engines.

registration with the top 25 search engines

registration with the top 2 online yellow pages.

registration with the top 2 online yellow pages and 2 specialized business directories.

registration with top 4 online directories and specialized business directories.

* all search engine submissions are done by hand.

optional interactive elements such as forms, counters

optional interactive elements such as forms, counters


e-commerce/shopping cart available

All packages include careful attention to webpage meta tag and descriptions. We submit to many different "site checking" programs to ensure and maintain correct html and submission readiness for our customer's pages.

Additional Services

Monthly Maintenance

By the Hour



weekly activity report

custom created logos or graphics

updating of material as needed

search and upload music / special effects

updating of submissions to search engines

coordinate banner exchange programs

monthly ranking check

digital photo shoot in selected areas

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